About us

Company profile

VELM was founded in 1961 and since then has been involved in automotive, spare-parts and car safety. The headquarter is based in Agrate Brianza (ca. 30 Km north of Milan) while, the daughter company, founded in 1990 is based in Turnov (ca. 100 km north of Prague – CZ Rep.).
Today VELM‘s core business is “manufacturer of seat belts” for: special seat vehicles, seat industry and commercial military vehicles, belts for driver and passengers seats in busses, coaches, lorries, forklift, trucks as well as in heavy duty vehicles, earth moving and agricultural vehicles.

VELM IS SYNONYM OF SAFETY based on almost 40 interni-0016 years of experience; today exports to more than 30 countries world-wide. Thanks to the cooperation with Autoliv Group, a leading company of the car industry, VELM has access to a much wider product range of components to built its safety systems.

QUALITY, FLEXIBILITY AND RELIABILITY as well as development of “tailor made” belts, also for small and medium size demands, are the highest priority.

VELM places great emphasis on direct contact and close cooperation with its clients to find fast and uncomplicated solutions for the development of new systems and handles orders in a flexible and reliable manner.


VELM can accomplish tasks in short time, paying attention to customers wishes and ideas, analyzing the application environment and developing in close cooperation an individual restrain system that is secure for the intended use, thus providing projects from 3D technical development to homologations accom­plishments. In the field of R&D (research &development) makes also use of the innovations lead from Autoliv, who has major research and development engineering centers world-wide.

Quality and Certificates

Products are subjected to the strictest material and function tests during development stage and prior to serial application. Among these tests are: proof of mechanical stability, extended endurance tests, climatic and corrosion tests.

VELM ensures consistent good quality by regular testing of parts from the current production, COP (Conformity of Production). Spot inspections in the goods inwards guarantee that only parts of perfect quality will enter the production. Manufacturing is continuously monitored and the process is completed with a 100% final check.

VELM quality system is based on ISO 9001-2009 and on COP surveillance by the homologation institute.

VELM can thereby ensure utmost quality and reliability and by all restrain system is able to achieve conformity according to any international standard, such as EE C. ECE, FMVSS, SAE , ISO etc. VELM quality system is based on ISO 9001-2009 and on COP surveillance by homologation institute. We can thereby ensure utmost quality and reliability and by all restrain system VELM is are able to achieve conformity with any international standard, such as EC, FM VSS, SAE , ISO etc.

Homologation and Certificates

ISO 9001:2009 interni-0041

European Homologation

Amercian Homologation
FMVSS 209-302
SAE J 386

FIA and EC homologation